True Adventure is a tourist agency specialised in alternative tourism, organising trips and adventure holidays in Greece and around the world.

Our office is located in Volos, an Olympic City in the games of 2004 in Greece, at the base of Mount Pelion. Volos (ancient name: Iolkos) is the place where the Argonauts started their mythic journey from, in order to bring back the Golden Fleece, and where the famous Centaurs (half men-half horses according to Greek mythology) used to live.

Our company focuses on experiences and adventure activities in nature, both in mountain and sea. Our programs are organised by experienced and distinguished professionals, well known for their achievements.

We visit places where only a few people have dared to visit before, in unique destinations, experiencing the true beauty of nature and the spirit of mother earth. 

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Phone: 0030 697 2934764

Adress: Rega Feraiou 135, Volos 38221, Greece 


Sea life

Pagasitikos gulf