Sailing Volos

Explore Pagasitikos Gulf on a sailing boat. Feel really free and discover the small islands of the gulf and, especially, the beautiful island of Trikeri. In this small island we can have a short walk to the old monastery, before enjoying our lunch and, of course, tripouro, the traditional drink of our area. On our way back, we will be rewarded with the magnificent sunset and the peace of mind that only sea breeze can offer.

Duration: 8 - 10  hours

Location: Trikeri island

from 110 euros / person ( for min 6 people group)
from 85 euros / person (from 8 -10 people group)   

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G.N.T.O 0726E60000053501



Phone: 0030 697 2934764

Adress: Rega Feraiou 135, Volos 38221, Greece 



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